Morrison’s Mailbag: Why is my TV’s audio so low?
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Trying to get better sound from your TV? Geoff Morrison offers some inexpensive options.

CNET Reader Kato asks:

I have speakers directly hooked up to my TV via the “speaker audio out.” It works fine. I then hooked up additional speakers I had from a computer. Upon doing so the volume on the original speakers went way down and I get even less from the new speakers. What am I doing wrong?

Oh, so many things…

RCA analog outputs (top) are “line level” requiring an external amplifier. The speaker jacks (bottom) are “speaker level” meaning you can connect them directly to speakers.

(Credit: Geoffrey Morrison (top) (bottom))

First, a bit of explanation. Certain TVs (mostly older models) have speaker-level audio outs so you can hook up additional speakers. These shouldn’t be confused with the RCA (round) “line-level” audio outputs that nearly all modern TVs have (more on this later).

In theory, speaker-level outputs are a great idea. All TV speakers sound like crap. Adding better speakers can make the sound better, maybe make the dialog more intelligible, make soundtracks sound better, etc.

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